Gotham, by Hennessey *E*, out of Technicolour by Domino.  

Gotham is a 2011 Black/Seal Bay and White Stallion, registered  Registered KWPN,  Approved  Oldenburg N.A., ISR, AWR,  Oldenburg Verband,  Westfalen & RPSI  

In 2013, Gotham placed 2nd, nationally, in the KWPN 2 yr old Dressage Advice Colts at Keuring. 

Gotham  has been tested for WFFS and is 100% N/N negative as a carrier.

Gotham 2017 video

Gotham: 70 day stallion test


In 2015, Gotham finished 6th out of 14 Stallions at the North America 70 day Stallion Test with a 4th place in dressage.  

His high scores were in Character and Constitution with all other scores being well above average. So, he is well suited as a temperament and structural improvement sire. 

His gaits are well above average and his jumping style is classic and careful.  Gotham is a young stallion and his show/performance career began in 2016.


Gotham: Dressage


Gotham started showing in the 6 year old FEI, in 2017, with Professional Rider, Emily Broiller Curtis, receiving scores in the 70’s.  

In 2017, Gotham finished 12th at the National Dressage Finals in Training level, with his owner, Adult Amateur rider, Lisha Marshall, riding him. The pair only began learning dressage in late July 2016.  

Lisha and Gotham again qualified for Finals in 2017 at Amateur Second Level.

Hennessey *E* 1987-2011


Hennessey *E* by Signeur, Harfe VI by Flaneur

Standing at 16.3+ hands, Hennessey was a very majestic presence.  He exemplified the elegance of the Trakehner Breed. His head was chiseled and refined with a clean jawline, then following a crisp/clean throat latch, lay a long arching neck in perfect proportion to a superbly athletic frame. Straight clean legs with substantial bone completed the masterpiece of this horse. 

Moreover, Hennessey's flowing gaits are the epitome of the long sought after product in the dressage/sport horse breeding world.  He exuded style with athleticism!

"He Reminds You of a Horse that a King or a General Would Ride"


Hennessey has sired some of the nations top hunters. He has sired; Gotham,  Zarr, Zealous, Kentucky Limo, Zirconium, Huh, Zito and Decorum,  just to name a few.


His son, Zarr stands at Stoneledge Stables in Front Royal, VA and was the International leading sire of 2005 & 2006.  Zealous, was the winner of the 2004 International Hunter Futurity 4 year olds and is beginning his breeding career as well.

Many trainers and breeders agree, having trained many Hennessey offspring over the years...his children consistently possess an easy going personality. They are very easy to handle and ride. Hennessey also passes along a very athletic jump.

"The look of eagles was in his large eyes"


Hennessey's youngsters are natural over fences and have a very attractive way of jumping, making them truly remarkable junior and amateur horses.  He is well-known as a canter improving sire.  

Hennessey was competed in the Preliminary Jumpers and Training Level Eventing.  Hennessey tied for first place in the Puissance class at the 1997 ATA convention because the jump could go no higher. To view his record please visit The American Trakehner Association Performance Records.

Hennessey video

Like father, like son


Hennessey *E*

Stud Fee is $1200 including booking fee and 2 doses of sperm
shipping not included (no live foal guarantee) 

Frozen Sperm only:

  • Shipped Worldwide  (shipping costs not included)  
  • Multiple Breedings Discount

Hennessey's USEF number is 100936, please feel free to add his number to all his get's USEF horse recording papers. 

Email or call Lisha Marshall 865-607-4149 / to request a breeding package and contract.


Gotham is the wonderful result of the deliberate breeding of amateur friendly performance horses.  His temperament is a 10 and he is a joy to work with in every way.  His gaits are spectacular and he has a great jumping scope.  His first foal crop are soon to begin their performance careers.  Please join us in following his performance as his career is developing. 

$200.00  booking  fee  until  March 1, 2019

$400.00  booking  fee  After March 2, 2019

Bookings for 2018 closes on  July 1, 2019

$1000.00  U.S.  Fresh  cooled  semen  dates:    February 14, 2019  -  July 1, 2018 with LFG.


$750.00 U.S. Frozen available all year  round.  2  breeding  doses  -   No booking fee.

Gotham will have  an  intense  training  and  showing  schedule  for  2019  therefore  booking in  advance  is  paramount  to  his  success,  please  keep  this  in  mind  as  you  plan  your breeding  dates  and  vet  work  ups. 

Bookings  are  valid  for  2  years and  can  be  transferred  to  another  mare  or  sold  with our  approval.   

Applicable collection and shipping charges to be paid by the mare owner.

 Gotham  has been tested for WFFS and is 100% N/N negative as a carrier. 

 Email or call Lisha Marshall 865-607-4149 / to request a breeding package and contract. 

Gotham - color genetics

For breeding purposes Gotham has been Genetically tested...

Coat Color results for Gotham(DT39136): 

Red-Factor Result:

E/E - No red factor detected. Horse cannot have red foals regardless of the color of mate. Basic color is black, bay or brown in the absence of other modifying genes.

Agouti Result:

A/a - Black pigment distributed in points pattern. Basic color is bay or brown in the absence of other modifying genes.